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A Musing Week…

Posted on July 19th, 2012 under Accessories, Art Design, Bathrooms, Blog Links, Color Usage, DIY, Design Trends, Detail in Design, Interior Design, Mixing Old and New, Patterns, Room Planning, Small Space Design, Styling, Tablescape, Treatments, Trends by Sandy


What a musing week! The most exciting part of the week was our write-up in Forbes about our wonderful Sandy Oster, founder of Decorator Tag Sale. I really need to brag for a moment about this truly amazing woman. I could use every positive, motivational adjective in the world to describe her, but it just wouldn’t suffice. I have never met a person that is more talented, gracious, modest, positive, or hard working.  In addition to building Decorator Tag Sale, she continues to run her incredibly successful design firm, Sandra Oster Interiors.  Her plate is full, her cup runneth over; I’m talking 24/7. Clearly, she is driven by passion, and her businesses are a true labor of love. So it was nice to receive a little media thrill to keep the thrifty engines forging ahead. We’re continuously adding new inventory to our e-boutique, thanks to all of the tastemaker designers out there; they are the reason Sandy started this business in the first place.  Designers, keep trucking in those curated goods!


New discoveries continue to thrill & inspire us! Jaw-dropping products, glossy e-publications,  new artists & photographers, and mind blowing DIY transformations — Life is Good, especially when you have the opportunity to share such wonderful musings.  

Awe-inspiring architecture & design beckoned attention. Just take a look at Kelly Klein’s Palm Beach Getaway in Architectural Digest.  I’m always amazed by creative brilliance; the spiraling window and staircase are mesmerizing. Conceptualizing that staircase is pure genius; execution is sheer perfection, and the contractor is a true master of his craft. This is the product of impeccable architecture & design.  We certainly weren’t at a loss for Dreamy Kitchens; and none of them were white…a truly refreshing departure! Dig into the details on our Facebook page.

Let’s Cruise Through a Little Redo

I relish designs that are off the beaten path. This bicycle base was such a fun & creative idea. As designers do, I couldn’t resist redoing this space to brighten it up and add a more cheerful, whimsical vibe. The truth is, I’m a huge fan of cruiser bikes — fat tires, squishy seat, fun colors, cute wicker basket, chirpy little bell — it’s so designer’ly don’t you think?  I want to driftwood the walls, paint the floors, and park my cruiser. Add a clean, crisp white countertop and set an oceany, bubble-patterned, glass vessel sink atop — now that’s cruisin’.  My version would keep the handlebars and actually hang the basket from the bars; then fill the basket with colorful linen hand towels. Cheery don’t you think?


There are times when we can’t find what we’re looking for; it’s the wrong color, style, etc.  This is when we take matters into our own hands with a little DIY!  Just look at how Arianna Belle transformed these baskets from relaxed to glamorous, with a little silver paint.  And over at Signature Style, chalk is still going strong. The collection of photographs gathered around “Love” are so thoughtful.  One bold L-O-V-E says it all, making those photos worth more than a thousand words.



I don’t know about you, but my ultimate relaxation activity  of choice is curling up with colorful, glossy e-zines & blogs. I just love the internet limo that drives you right to the doorstep of your destination with a simple click of the mouse — no dressing up, no car, no make-up — just point & click to add to the shopping cart, and a few days later the nice man in the big, boxy brown truck delivers your treasures!  Oh Happy Day!

Like finding hidden treasure, I happened upon a few new gems this week to add to the reading list. The even bigger bonus; put them all together and you have the perfect party!

New found love,  Foodie Crush Magazine will have you salivating at first glance. Warning! Don’t read this on an empty stomach; we won’t be responsible for a foodie binge…only crushes.

We can all use a little flower power to brighten our lives. Thanks to Eddie Ross, we discovered the brilliant Flower Magazine. Your eyes will dance as they peer through pages upon pages of sheer floral bliss. 

And to add the big bright cherry on top, I introduce you to Festivities Magazine. You now have everything you need to plan the perfect party; food, flowers & party inspiration!  It’s the perfect little package!