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Sandra Oster’s Gatherings & Gratitude

Posted on November 27th, 2013 under Uncategorized by Sandy


BLOG_Gatherings & Gratitude Cover page

We gather in gratitude and a spirit of merriment as we bring together family and friends on this day, and we are grateful. A holiday message from our Founder, Sandra Oster; Read More…


Purple Haze

Posted on February 16th, 2013 under Color Usage, Decorating, Design Trends, Inspiration, Interior Design, Purple, Uncategorized by Sandy

Lately I’ve found myself falling into a deep purple haze. I have fallen for purple’s multi-faceted hues, and I became even more inspired when I happened upon this luxurious piece of amethyst. I love these deep, rich jewel tones; they really get my color wheel spinning.  February is the month of the amethyst, so I thought I’d indulge my purple haze and explore its many brilliant facets.

Purple is a wonderful meditative color; providing peace of mind. And the amethyst is a very powerful and protective stone which embodies many alluring properties. It’s no wonder I’m drawn to the powerful, purple healing qualities of this gem; its winter, cabin fever has set in, and I am in desperate need of stress relief and balance.


The amethyst is influential in healing the body, mind and soul.  It aids in balance and stress relief, and it aids in communication.  Its color is representative of good judgment, spiritual awareness and fulfillment.

ChakrasThe violet hue of the amethyst is also the color of the Crown Chakra; the seventh chakra that rules the cerebrum, top of the head, entire brain and nervous system, conveniently residing in the place of our once infantile “soft spot”.  Violet is the ray of spiritual mastery. It is a blend of red (matter) and blue (spirit), and is associated with transformation and rebirth. The Crown Chakra is the main coordination center of the body and ensures you are connected to universal sources of energy and the world as a whole. A balanced crown chakra allows for expanded awareness on an emotional level. Those with a balanced violet chakra radiate health, peace and effortless energy.  Add a little violet to your life when you want to re-balance, remove obstacles, energize or use your imagination to its fullest capacity.

Throughout history, purple robes were worn by royalty and people of authority or high rank. Many believe this to be true because the rare occurrence of purple in nature made it one of the most expensive color dyes to create.

Purple’s coalescence of red and blue — red is a focusing, dynamic and active energy, while blue is cooling, calming and passive — exudes liveliness and tranquility, allowing more creative energy to emerge; it ignites inspiration and the imagination.

Take an inspirational design cue from a brilliant, natural designer who gets it right every time — Mother Nature.  When have you ever been out in the wonders of nature and thought “that’s just not right, those colors don’t work well together?”  For me, the answer is, never.  Nature’s beauty is breathtaking, so it makes perfect sense to bring its splendor into our home.

Black Zinia


Look at the hues in the petals of this rose as it goes from dark to light. And let’s not forget the green stem and petals.  Think about how you would translate this palette into your décor.

Amethyst Rose

Green with purple

Men are generally more attracted to the bluer hues of purple; the richer violets. Once red or an abundance of white is introduced, it moves the color towards the lighter hues of violet; taking on an ultra-feminine quality.  So when designing your room, remember to scale the spectrum so both sexes are living in harmony.  Dark purple hues can induce feelings of gloom, sadness, and frustration, so be careful not to go too heavy handed.


Infuse the happier, richer and royal hues of purple to keep the mood triumphant. Play your colors right — deep, moody purple; almost bordering a dark grey, mixed with a soft violet, and a blend of cool, iridescent metallic — and you will have yourself one sexy room.

his hers purple

Remember the Crown Chakra; purple is your friend. Don’t be afraid to splash a little of its good vibration into your home.



So, have I lulled you into a purple haze? Will you take the “rich and regal” or “soft and delicate” approach to purple?  Visit our Purple Haze Pinterest Album for more inspiration.